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Abstracts Topics
Addressing the Global CV Risk Factors in Pre-Disease and in DiseaseThe Heart, the Brain and the Kidney in Pre-Disease and the Metabolic Syndrome
Arterial Properties, Central Blood Pressure and Augmentation Index in Pre-Disease and Disease in Patients with Cardiometabolic SyndromePreHypertension and Metabolic Syndrome in Different Populations – Epidemiologic Aspects
Arterial Properties, Evaluation and Treatment in Metabolic SyndromePrediabetes – Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Management
Benefits of Achieving Optimal Risk Factors Level – When, How and with What?PreHypertension, Hypertension and Renal Denervation
Cardiometabolic Syndrome in ChildrenMetabolic Syndrome and Vitamin D
Children and Adolescents: PreHypertension and Metabolic Syndrome, Progression of Risk and Diagnosis of DiseasePreHypertension, Prediabetes and Dyslipidemia – Estimation of Risk and Therapeutic Approach
Effect of Pre-Disease Risk Factors in Patients with the Metabolic Syndrome on Morbidity and MortalityWhich Elderly Patients with Pre-Disease should be Considered for Medical Treatment
Gestational Prehypertension and Gestational HypertensionTotal Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation and Management
Cardiac Markers of Pre-Clinical Disease in Metabolic Syndrome PatientsPre-Levels of CV Risk Factors – Boosting Risk of Events and Deciding Who Should be Treated
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