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Joint Webinar on Paediatric & Adolescent Hypertension

Meet Our Speakers

Prof. Mietek Litwin

Mieczysław Litwin is a Professor of Pediatrics, Nephrology and Arterial Hypertension at Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, Poland. 

Title: Assessment of subclinical arterial injury (IMT, PWV, FMD); what does it mean and why?
Assessment of hypertensive arterial injury is one of the crucial points in diagnostic algorithm of hypertensive child. Evaluation of carotid intima-media (cMT) and arterial stiffness has become a clinical routine in many centers. Together with assessment of left ventricular mass and function, assessment of arterial injury helps in making treatment decisions. Analysis of pulse wave analysis may add additional information about nature of hemodynamic disturbances. Another issue is the correct interpretation of vascular studies which requires use of appropriate referential values. In my talk I will discuss practical aspects of assessment of cIMT, pulse wave velocity and pulse wave analysis in hypertensive children.
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