Objective Measures in Auditory Implants - OMAI 2018 View Online
Abstract Submission Deadline 
April 9th, 2018

Submit your abstract to the 10th OMAI Symposium, share and learn the latest developments in research and clinical practice in the field 

     General Topics

üCochlear health- Physiology, Genetics, Imaging- animal and human models

üPreoperative assessment- ECochG, ABR, ASSR, Cortical potentials

üIntraoperative assessment- Inner ear structure/hearing preservation- Imaging, Surgical Techniques, Robotics

üIntraoperative measurements-  ECochG, Telemetry, ECAP, EABR, ESRT

üPostoperative measures for programming/monitoring- Telemetry, ECAP, ESRT, ABR, ASSR, MLR, LLR; "How I do it" – State of the art clinical implementation of objective measures

üPostoperative cortical function and plasticity - ERPs, fNIRs, PET, Brain Oscillations

üObjective measures of listening effort- Brain oscillations, Pupillometry

üObjective measures in Auditory Brainstem/Midbrain Implants, Bone Anchored/ Middle Ear Implants, and Vestibular Implants

ü Bridging the gaps between objective measures and performance 

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